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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 9, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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will you be part of the solution? chevron. human energy. i will accept this award as a call to action. >> the president receives a world price for peace, to the shock of many. >> i think all of us were surprised. >> what though board really means. metro construction over the weekend with three stations affected. important information that you need to see. and michael's music after his death, how to get a new single that is about to be released in hours. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin tonight with the international accolades for president obama and the criticism that has come shortly after. the president received the nobel peace prize today, but many have questioned whether he deserves
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it and the motivations behind the move. cynne simpson has the reaction here and abroad. >> no one was more surprised than the president himself. he said today he does not think he deserves the 2009 nobel peace prize, but he is taking the recognition as a call to action. he has been in the white house less than nine months, which is why he says he was caught off guard and humbled by the announcement. >> this award is not simply about the efforts of my administration, it is about the greatest efforts of people are around the world. >> the nobel committee voted unanimously, calling the prsident's efforts to build international diplomacy extraordinary and his attempts to reach out and curb nuclear proliferation impressive. >> he is trying to change the united states' image abroad. >> many at home see the honor is premature and confusing given
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that the u.s. is engaged in two wars. >> he is really popular, but i do not see anything else. >> it has caused some to speculate whether the international community is just ready to have change in washington and maybe that motivated the prize. that is a political tool. >> is much better than it was with bush. >> the president will receive $1.4 million of prize money, which plans to donate to charity. he will receive the actual award in december. cynne simpson, abc 7 news. >> in our poll, we are asking if you think president obama deserves the nobel peace prize. it almost 2000 have responded. 37% said yes, 63% said no. president obama talked about a new consumer protection agency, making his initial proposal in june, but it was met
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with swift opposition from banks and big business. there will be hearing on the issue wednesday. a developing story that may impact you if you plan on riding the metro. the transit service has closed two stations on the yellow line and green line. they closed the waterfront and archives-navy memorial station. during this time, no green line or yellow line trains will be running to the onslaught plaza station. john gonzalez has more on the impact. >> we have seen people turned away. busy metro stations, national archives and waterfront southwest, closed tonight, along with the green line of l'enfant plaza. much like labor day week, metro has chosen a holiday weekend to do major track work. another long weekend of repairs means more delays and backups for commuters. >> we just have to get around.
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>> tourists could be the most confused trying to get around downtown the next few days. >> we still have lots of the checklist, so probably more walking. >> we will not be waiting on the bus. >> two downtown stations and part of a third will be closed starting tonight. at local restaurants are worried about taking a hit. this sports taverns its feet away from one of the stops. >> a lot of our business comes from the matter. it is what it is, i suppose. >> workers are replacing the entire rail interlocking stations, four switches at l'enfant plaza station, and critical track maintenance. >> we are telling people t give themselves 30 minutes additional travel time. >> holiday weekend is when people have plans to go out.
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>> doing necessary work this holiday weekend is better than the alternative they say. >> we try to get it done in one weekend as opposed to spreading it out. >> to help people get around, the yellow line will be detoured to ease the load and metro will be providing a free shuttle buses that will run this weekend about every 15 minutes. the stations are closed tonight and will remain closed until tuesday morning. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. i am sure that you just put a lot of smiles on people's faces. if you have plans involving the outdoors, here is what you can expect for the weekend. meteorologist steve rudin has a first look at the forecast. >> changes on the way, a cold front to the north and west. we have been tracking it all evening long in the belfort furniture weather center. ahead of that, showers, and that it thunderstorms. fauquier county, moving to the
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east, also to the north, northern montgomery county looking at widely scattered showers and storms. nothing expected to become severe. overnight, scattered showers continue, cloudy and breezy conditions. temperatures fall into the fifties. low 60's downtown. coming up, the extended holiday forecast. dry conditions on the way and a big cool down. leon? the older of two teenagers accused in the death of a crossland teenager will be tried in court. he faces manslaughter charges in the death of christopher jones. prosecutors said he was punched while riding his bike. because it jones to fall and suffer fatal head injuries. if convicted in juvenile court, he would have to be released from custody once he turns 21. heartbreak for a d.c.
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family after eight students died from a gunshot wound. kenyetta nicholson stanley was shot last night. the police are stepping up the search for her killer. richard reeve is live outside of metro police headquarters with the latest. >> the police have vowed to catch the gunman. kenyetta was known as a special team, college-bound, due to take her s.a.t. tomorrow. now the life was cut short. as the police patrolled the edgewood terrace neighborhood -- >> it has been going on quite some time. a >> friends and neighbors of 17-year-old kenyetta nicholson- stanley are in shock. >> i am upset. >> students from hide leadership charter school have been texting this message, trying to comfort each other. >> they had counselors come around to the school, talking to
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the children. >> witnesses say she was hanging out with a girlfriend when the gunfire began. >> there were about three gunshots, then a pause, then more gunshots. >> the police believe two gunmen approached, exchanged words with security guards, and began shooting. >> because they open fire on the officers, this young lady was struck. >> she was badly wounded, shot and head. after nearly 20 hours on life support, she died at washington hospital center. >> we are all hurting at the school, because that was a life that was robbed. >> she was a great student. >> a young life, suddenly taken, her friends asking why. >> bless your family, we are praying for you. >> the police believe the security guards and these gunmen had a prior to counter earlier
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in the week. -- a prior encounter earlier in the week. they believe people in the neighborhood may know who these gunmen are and are issuing a $25,000 reward in the case. richard reeve, abc 7 news. montgomery county police are trying to track down who shot this man inside of his bethesda garage. he was shot last night, leading police to lockdown two schools. he works at the international monetary fund. his wife believes that she saw a masked man in dark clothing flee the scene. the police did not know whether it was random or targeted crime. the fight over layoffs in the district will take a new turn with a hearing on the layoffs of 229 teachers. teachers and supporters rallied outside a freedom plaza yesterday. schools chancellor michelle rhee says the cuts are not avoidable
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unless they balance the shortfall. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius were on hand as to his received at h1n1 vaccine ilandover. prince george's county plans to hold additional school clinics. at the scene was similar in montgomery county as hundreds received the spray version of the swine flu vaccine. the doses were available at no cost. the only criteria, ages between two and 49 and healthy. fairfax county health department workers lined up for the vaccine, the second day of the vaccine clinics. they plan to open the clinics and about two weeks at the schools. coming up, remember is for a local soldier lost in afghanistan. and music from michael jackson, months after his death.
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the big debut is happening in less than 48 hours, and how y can get it. >> marriage counseling with comedy. that is coming up.
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captioned by the national captioning institute the fbi has released dramatic footage of the tsunami in american samoa. this is video from a second- floor security cameras at the fbi office. the wave rushes in and all of the cars in the parking lot are just tossed around. the massive tidal wave killed more than 30 people. the body of a loudoun county soldier will return to the area over the weekend. his remains will be given a formal escort from dover air force base in delaware and taken into virginia on sunday. stephon maze was killed during a firefight in afghanistan. --stephan mace was killed during
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a firefight in afghanistan. the hummer brand became the property of a chinese heavy equipment maker. general motors turned the company ever to tengzhong company. the current management team will stay with the company, headquartered in the u.s. the first song from the much-anticipated michael jackson music documentary will make its debut online. sony music is releasing "this is its," sunday night at midnight at it features a backup vocals from his brothers. it begins a two-week limit run in film and a month. vince vaughn stars and one movie this weekend, and arch campbell has this preview. >> honey, i think it is time we start talking about divorce.
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>> a professor's life turns sour in this movie. is for viewers who loved a challenge. 3 stars. the next movie lets us peek into the life of a great designer, beautiful movie. 3.5 stars. >> couples still at 6:00 a.m.? we signed up for the fun stuff. >> vince vaughn and friends were on their marriage in "couple's treatment." not as funny as you would like. have a nice weekend. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. the maryland state house dome is a glow in pink in recognition of breast cancer awareness month. the color change from white to pink begins tonight.
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governor martin o'malley said the gesture is made to honor victims and survivors. it is estimated that doctors will diagnose about 3006 other new cases of breast cancer in maryland this year -- about 3600 new cases of breast cancer in maryland this year. how about the weather? >> today, we made it into the 80's. now a cold front, wouldn't you know it, just-in-time for the weekend. outside, pennsylvania avenue, the wind gust of 30 m.p.h. right now. the rain has yet to make it into the district, but we anticipate it in a couple of hours. nothing severe, about 0.1 inches by all the time is said and done. right now, getting ready to move into fauquier county, affecting warrenton, with another line moving across frederick county. that is beginning to dissipate.
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it is dry right now and the district and arlington, but the showers will arrive in the next couple hours and stick around for the early morning hours. three stops on the weather by, cool 64 degrees cumberland. 85 degrees was the high at lafayette elementary school, 75 degrees currently, wind gust in ashburn, currently 71 degrees. the official high at reagan national, impressive, 85 degrees, morning low 61. normally it is around 71 for the daytime high. across the area, 70 degrees hagerstown, 60 state college, the cooler air to the north and west. it is downright cold. rapid city, 21 degrees, windchill factor of three degrees above zero. satellite radar, the cold front moving to the east, should be gone tomorrow afternoon. that is when we experience the clearing.
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gaett county, allegany county, watching county at the leading edge of the cold front. looking at a change of wind direction out of the north, allowing cooler air. lots of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. the next 24 hours, a big drop in temperatures, but should be nice sunday. cloudy and breezy overnight, showers here and there. not expecting anything severe, the temperatures in the upper 50's in the suburbs, low 60's downtown. tomorrow afternoon and morning, mostly cloudy skies, showers. the temperatures quickly rebound into the 60's. by the afternoon, a good deal of sunshine, 70 degrees, the wind out of the north at 10-15. we have a cool down on the way, another cold front arriving late in the day monday, into early tuesday, scattered showers tuesday. the temperatures fall only into the low 60's toward the end of
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the upcoming work week. tomorrow looking nice late afternoon. tomorrow morning, may need the umbrella, just in case. >> that is the last thing we wanted to hear. >> may. coming up, a reality television family again. who gave birth this time?
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. one thing for sure about the washington wizards, they will not have any problems scoring this season. tonight's pre-season game against dallas, verizon center, will come back, gilbert arenas. fast forward, arenas at it again. that falls. here is the play of the game. driving to the hoop, flips it up, and it goes. gil finished with 12 points, 6- issue -- 6-6 shooting. the mavericks win the game, 123- 115. dramatic finish in the
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bronx, yankees-twins, classic battle. the bottom of the ninth, the yankees are down, alex rodriguez with a man on. that all is well hit, way back, it is gone. home run, alex rodriguez, the game is tied. extra innings, bottom of the 11th, long drive to left, way back, it hits the top of the fence, bounces into the stands. that is a home run, walk off home run. the yankees win the game, take the 2-0 lead in the series over minnesota. will clinton portis and his lead blocker mike sellers mend fences before they do battle with carolina sunday? they apparently had words in the locker room this week after the detroit game, brailling since then. portis was reported late unhappy with the way that sellers was blocking for him.
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coach jim zorn says this was blown way out of proportion. >> it is just something that goes on. these guys are like brothers and they care about each other. the that is really between them, seriously, not an issue. friday night lights, a game of the night, could council- demataha. kocher, 37 yards, touchdown dematha. one minute, 7 seconds left, coker at it again. touchdown dematha, the stags , all the way back to win the game. three touchdowns on the night for marcus coker. manny acta, remember him? he could be getting a new jobs in, contacted by the houston astros by rigid about their managerial opening.
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no more coverage denied if you get sick. and guaranteed renewal, even if you do. call your senators today. time to think about this, any chance we will miss the rain? >> tomorrow, showers in the morning. in the afternoon, lots of sunshine. the high-temperature a lot cooler, only around 70 degrees. sunday looking nice, columbus day nice. tuesday, another cold front, low 60's by the end of the week. >> enjo
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